The Invisible Woman


The Invisible Woman is a series of collage self portraits featuring Top Selling artists looking through my eyes. The series including The Invisible Woman #5 Kusama is a an image of the artist Yayoi Kusama with her Yellow Tree ©Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc with my eyes staring out in an unflinching gaze that asks the viewer to see me as an artist in the shoes of another, at heart we as artists fear that invisibility and are therefore driven to create works of art. The collages will continue to include leading contemporary artists and my peers. They eyes remain the same only their direction changes to question and challenge the nature of what it means to be a credible artist. The series also highlights the position of me as a woman and as an artist as the cloak of middle aged invisibility begins to cover me. The Invisible Woman is an attempt to realise my place and to question the importance of the work that I am creating in a wider context of the Art World as a whole. The majority of artists are rendered invisible working in a world where they struggle to get paid anything at all as opposed to an actual minimum wage. These are the people who prop up the fantasy of the artist as some sort of glamorous free spirit. The artist that is not part of the collectors system has a hard time even finding the right door on which to knock, let alone enter the world where they can make the work that they are capable of or exhibit and fulfil their potential. Here The Invisible Woman throws down the gauntlet for you to meet her gaze and see her for who she is and what she may become.

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