The Invisible Woman

Hantverk & Found The invisible Woman is the recent show by C.A. Halpin it was a great success and has caused much debate around the perception of women as iconic characters in contemporary life.

The Invisible Woman is collection of digital collages, celebrating mostly unrecognised contemporary and historical figures, more often female artists, which is exhibited as a frieze. The collages are created by stamping her eyes onto a found face and always using the  iconic green iris, whose colour is taken from a patch of the sourced photograph.

The images often take a wry look at the subject matter, but are inevitably political in their outlook. The subjects are wide ranging from classical sculptures, to medieval paintings of saints, highlighting the lives women in the striped uniforms carrying handbags whilst languishing on the depravity of Ravensbruck concentration camp.

The images are intended to work together collated to become a frieze of small-scale photographs, printed on the high street, that when collected together tell a powerful story celebrating every day heroics. The frieze will consist of over 250 6’x 4’ images that are constantly updated as visitors have their photographs taken behind the eyes of The Invisible Woman. These portraits are then be printed and added to the frieze as the show progresses.

During the weekend of the private view visitors to the gallery were invited to try on the green eyes in order to witness the world through the eyes of The Invisible Woman. They participants were then photographed hiding behind the green gaze. These photographs were then printed and to become part of the frieze for the exhibition at Hantverk & Found. This became an integral  part of the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Margate.

“The premise of The Invisible Woman is in praise of the unsung and overlooked acts of bravery, beauty and understanding, of the every day. The Invisible Woman stands up for YOU, she is YOU for one brief moment she will see the world through your eyes and you through hers,” says Halpin.

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