60 if She’s a Day


‘First Term at CCHS’. commissioned by Michelle Webber Taylor ‘I’ve chosen my daughter Naomi as the subject for this portrait which is to be a gift to her grandmother as she is an only grandchild’. Graphite on Paper 2019

Portrait 60 if She's a Day

Tim Burke, a portrait commissioned by his friend Sadie Hennessy, ‘”This portrait is of my beloved friend Tim, who sadly took his own life in 2018. I commissioned it for my son Finley who was very close to Tim”. Graphite on paper 2019

Dolly the Hare commissioned by Kate Mc Bride ‘She’s a great girl and has learnt how to pose for me … only if there is going to be banana available! I use her great shape to make ceramic hares and my own drawings to help raise awareness of the vulnerability of the wild hare in the UK. Their numbers are declining at an alarming rate and much of this is due to illegal hare coursing. Hare coursing is an activity where dogs are released to catch the hare, the certain death of the hare is gambled on.’ Graphite on Paper 2019

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