It’s A Hard World For Little Things at Angus-Hughes Gallery

It’s A Hard World For Little Things

Title Hard World

It is a hard world for little helpless things. For the wandering child, for the furred small rabbit on the river shore, crouched helpless before the owl’s feathers murderous fall.

Davis Grubb / Charles Laughton – The Night of the Hunter

Aylan Kurdi

On a sad day when the media is filled with dreadful images of a toddler’s lifeless body washed upon the shores at Bodrum, Turkey as he attempts to escape the mindless destruction of yet another senseless war I have chosen to write about my show at Angus-Hughes Gallery which took place in July this year .  It seems fitting instead to pay tribute to Aylan Kurdi and his brother Galip as well as to their parents Rehan and Abdullah, as well as to pay my respects to the countless other children who live with the results of their terrible, fruitless odyssey in the certain knowledge that the world is failing them.

The concept behind the show explores the notion of how children bear, with great fortitude, the pain and responsibility wrought by the sins of an adult world, one in which they hold no power. Now these poor benighted children, running from war and destruction in Syria have become symbolic of the strength of they who must carry on, as they are forced to flee from the wrath of those that have created this shameful situation, with scant regard for the inevitable human cost. It is also about the  love and desperate support that the parents showed for their children, to put them into such terrible danger and for the trust that the young must have to embark on such a perilous course. How, as children they must abide and endure their fate and suffer at the mercy of forces beyond their control.

I am finding it hard to write about the images contained in the show or about the work itself it seems as nothing compared to this real ever unfolding tragedy, to witness, daily the consequences of  ‘the owl’s feathers murderous fall.’


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