BAMBI ESSEX-HAIRPIN, ?The People?s Chihuahua

Bambi Essex Hairpin and I met at Battersea Dogs (now & Cats), Home when he was around eight weeks old. He was introduced to me by my dear friend Marilyn, who would only allow me to have a dog when I went to live next door to her. All so that she could keep an eye on us both. He was called Spike when we first met, but it seemed to me that if this dog were to be called Spike then he would live up to his name. At first I couldn’?t touch him, didn?’t know if I really wanted a dog after all, not only was he very little but, also a big responsibility. I made Jennifer (my grown up friend), hold him first, just to make sure, she said I looked alright I had a few minutes to decide. So, I agreed and we left with a dog. On the way out of Battersea I couldn’?t think what on earth I would do with the responsibility of naming another creature. What if I got it wrong? I bumped into a rather odd looking lady who asked me what the dog was called. I admitted that I didn?’t know, ?He looks like Bambi?, she declared. ?That?’ll do?, said I and off we marched.