Announcing a two part exhibition – It’s A Hard World For Little Things.

Exhibition One will be at The Angus-Hughes Gallery from 3rd July to 2nd August 2015.

Exhibition Two will be at The V&A Museum of Childhood from 9th January to 17th July 2016.

Please help me to raise funds for the exhibitions by visiting my Kickstarter page.

The first exhibition at The Angus-Hughes Gallery  is Children Carrying Heavy Objects a multidisciplinary show involving drawing, installation sound and performance. The drawings in this show have direct reference to the book and the film the The Night of the Hunter and siblings supporting each other, getting by and getting on with life.


The portrayal of societal/mental pressure is highlighted in drawings of a young homeless boy seen as a toddler and as a happy young man before he ran away from home, left to deal with the damning consequences of his actions.

Vanessa Fenton, choreographer and dancer at the Royal Ballet will direct Miss Jenny, a performance staged by some of the exhibition’s subjects. The opening night performance will be filmed and projected throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The second exhibition at The V&A Museum of Childhood portrays children carrying heavy objects, such as bricks water and other children. There will be a temporary installation of objects for people to pick up.

The inspiration for both shows comes from the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter, directed by Charles Laughton. It is a “Mother Goose” tail of good and evil, where two orphaned children run away from a villainous stepfather (Robert Mitchum). The children carry a  secret with them, in the form of $10,000, secreted inside Miss Jenny, the little girl’s doll. This is their heavy object and one which proves too much to bear in the final scene.