Press Release: The Invisible Woman by C.A.Halpin

Hantverk & Found will be exhibiting The Invisible Woman by C.A.Halpin from Friday 28th August – 24th September 2015. A private view will be held from 6pm – 9pm on Thursday 27th August.

C.A. Halpin has practised as an artist for over 30 years and has exhibited widely. She has worked broadly in 2D, 3D, moving image and performance. The Invisible Woman is collection of digital collages, celebrating mostly unrecognized contemporary and historical figures, more often female artists, exhibited as a frieze. The collages are created by adding her eyes to the image and always using the colour green, which is taken from a patch on the original photograph.

The images are often a wry look at the subject matter, but are inevitably political in their outlook. The subjects are wide ranging from classical sculptures, to medieval paintings of saints, to women in the striped uniforms of Ravensbruck concentration camp.

The images although intended to work together become a frieze of small-scale photographs, printed on the high street that when collected together tell a powerful story celebrating every day heroics. The frieze will consist of over 250 6’x 4’ images that will be added to as visitors have their photographs taken behind the eyes of The Invisible Woman, these will then be printed and added to as the show progresses.

During the weekend of the private view, she will be inviting the visitors to the gallery to try on the green eyes and see the world through the eyes of The Invisible Woman. They will be photographed holding the mask of the eyes. The photographs will then be printed and will become part of a frieze for the exhibition at Hantverk & Found. This will be a part of Margate Tribes Festival.

‘The premise of The Invisible Woman is in praise of the unsung and overlooked acts of bravery, beauty and understanding, of the every day.’ says Halpin.

‘The Invisible Woman stands up for YOU, she is YOU for one brief moment she will see the world through your eyes and you through hers. “

For more information contact:

Hantverk & Found, 18 King Street, Margate, CT9 1DA


07891299717 / 01843 280454


Press Release

‘It’s A Hard World For Little Things’ comprises two multimedia exhibitions, by C.A. Halpin.

Exhibition One was at The Angus-Hughes Gallery from 3rd July to 2nd August 2015.

Exhibition Two will be at The V&A Museum of Childhood from 9th January to 17th July 2016.

The exhibitions that incorporate large scale drawings, sculpture, sound, performance and projection, are a positive portrayal of children carrying anything, from secrets to physical, psychological or societal loads. The portraits address both the domestic and the global politics of children and their responsibilities and how they deal with these every day.

The concept is inspired by the 1955 film ‘The Night of the Hunter’, a story of good and evil, seen through the eyes of two runaway orphaned children. While Halpin’s graphic works echo the film in style and tone, they lack any sentimentality in acknowledging young people’s strength and fortitude as they deal with life’s challenges. Halpin’s monumental graphite drawings render the ordinariness of their burdens iconic and cinematic, elevating mundane struggles to mythical storytelling. The themes that run throughout the shows are further explored in a soundscape with Charles Laughton’s abridged re reading of the book by Davis Grubb, to be accompanied by a choreographed performance and a projection of the original film.

The show highlights Halpin’s typically collaborative approach, with an ever-changing group of artists, musicians and performers, here named ‘The Outside World All Stars’, including composer Mat Ducasse, voice artist Fenella Fudge, Royal Ballet dancer and choreographer Vanessa Fenton and projections from Rucksack Cinema. There is also input from typographers Pixel Press and photographers including Alixandra Fazzina and Claire Lawrie, while The Bhopal Medical Appeal charity have allowed access to their photographic archives as reference.

‘It’s A Hard World For Little Things’ is arranged across two multimedia exhibitions, with Halpin presenting a number of large-scale graphite drawings, which articulate the pressures and strains on young children, carrying the burden of the adult world’s expectations and hopes on their shoulders. Driven by their primal instincts of survival and preternatural resilience, the young subjects of her drawings demonstrate an innate humanity and kindness. But the dryness of Halpin’s eye and her firm, bold lines avoid cloying sentimentality. Rather, her work as ever, brings forth a remarkable alliance of technical mastery and poignant, apposite subject matter to reflect upon a universal human condition.

Arsalan Mohammad, Editor, Harper’s Bazaar Art

 C.A. Halpin is a Londoner who lives and works firmly in the East End, amongst the landmarks and people that created Britart, the most successful British art movement for generations. A startlingly talented draughtswoman, that unfashionable but impressive activity, she is absolutely not caught in the past, and works across many media in a playful and unpredictable manner.  Her thinking is utterly contemporary – finding connections with witty ease.  Her meticulous eye, accurate hand and tender heart will ensure that her work will achieve the prominence it deserves.  

Guy Kennaway, Writer & Journalist

 At first glance upon the drawings, we here filled with an instantaneous combination of intense pain and extreme pride. Pain for the loss of our beloved Ricky and pride at how wonderfully Cate had immortalised him.

Grainne O’Rourke, Oldest sister of Ricky O’Rourke the homeless subject of the drawings.

To Pledge:

For those who didn’t make it to the fundraising launch, you can still pledge using the PayPal button below. You have until July to make your donation for which you will receive a reward based on the amount of your gift.

This exhibition in two parts will take place at Angus-Hughes Gallery, and The V&A Museum of Childhood. Both institutions are not for profit and neither show has so far received funding, which is why I am asking for your help in order to make this exceptional and important project flourish.

Each donor will receive a signed, limited edition letterpress print on Somerset Rag 300gsm, from a series designed by Pixel Press, starting at only £10 with pledges and rewards up to £500 for an A2 drawing from a photograph supplied by the donor. There will be a charitable donation made to The Bhopal Medical Appeal as appreciation for their support of this project through the use of their photographic archive.

The exhibitions will feature The Outside World All Stars:

Mat Ducasse, Fenella Fudge, Vanessa Fenton & The Little Things, Claire Lawrie, Alixandra Fazzina, The Bhopal Medical Appeal, Julieta Hernández Adame, David Vassie.