This soundscape was made by Matty Skylab, AKA Mat Ducasse for the fundraiser. He’s one of The Outside World All Stars. He will be creating a specially commissioned piece for the exhibitions.

Here is an article in the Guardian about Alixandra Fazzina another of The Outside World All Stars and who is graciously allowing me to access her photographic archive as reference for the forthcoming exhibition.

Thanks to everyone for your support and for the pledges for my two forthcoming multimedia exhibitions, Children Carrying Heavy Objects. The shows celebrate the strength of the young and their indomitable will to survive.

For those who didn’t make it to the fundraising launch, you can still pledge using the PayPal button below. You have until the 10th June to make your donation for which you will receive a reward based on the amount of your gift.

This exhibition in two parts will take place at Angus-Hughes Gallery, Clapton and The V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green , London. Both institutions are not for profit and neither show has so far received funding, which is why I am asking for your help in order to make this exceptional and important project flourish.

Each donor will receive a signed, limited edition letterpress print on Somerset Rag 300gsm, from a series designed by Pixel Press, starting at only £10 with pledges and rewards up to £500 for an A2 drawing from a photograph supplied by the donor. There will be a charitable donation made to The Bhopal Medical Appeal as appreciation for their support of this project through the use of their photographic archive.

‘It’s A Hard World For Little Things’ is a two part multidisciplinary exhibition whose theme is Children Carrying Heavy Objects.

Featuring The Outside World All Stars:

Mat Ducasse, Fenella Fudge, Vanessa Fenton & The Little Things, Claire Lawrie, Alixandra Fazzina, The Bhopal Medical Appeal, Julieta Hernández Adame, David Vassie.

Exhibition One will be at The Angus-Hughes Gallery from 3rd July to 2nd August 2015.

Exhibition Two will be at The V&A Museum of Childhood from 9th January to 17th July 2016.

The exhibitions that incorporate large scale drawings, sculpture, sound, performance and projection, are a positive portrayal of children carrying anything, from secrets to physical, psychological or societal loads. The portraits address both the domestic and the global politics of children and their responsibilities and how they deal with these every day.

The children are depicted carrying heavy objects of all sorts, such as bricks, water, their possessions and each other. They may be in a state of flight away from forces natural or manmade. There will be a specially commissioned reading from the book The Night of the Hunter, read by Fenella Fudge with a soundtrack composed by Mat Ducasse.  Vanessa Fenton choreographer with The Royal Ballet  will direct Miss Jenny, a performance by ‘The Little Things’ to accompany the soundscape.

The inspiration for both shows stems from a scene in the extraordinary 1955 black & white film The Night of the Hunter, directed by actor Charles Laughton. It is a “Mother Goose” tale of good and evil, that follows two orphaned children who are fleeing the clutches of their murderous stepfather. The children carry a secret in the shape of $10,000 hidden inside Miss Jenny, the little girl’s doll, that the self-ordained Preacher wants to take from them, prompting their escape . Their journey becomes symbolic of the heavy objects, that all children carry every day, as they ‘endure and abide’ their lot in whatever shape or form.